La visualización como herramienta de sanación

Visualization is a very old technique that recently came back to light, thanks to books and movies like The Secret, and what do you know? etc.

Visualize or imagine is the same. It is a simple technique, that all it requires is perseverance and having faith, and that what you do is going to work for you, without having any doubts of any kind. With visualization what we do, is to create a parallel reality, giving instructions from our brain to all the cells of the body to be healthy, and it is very curious if this is done well, they obey. This was one of the techniques I used when I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and I wrote a book called  Healing and Creative Visualizations (moral and editors towers), dedicated to children who are going through this disease or any other of those that are called “serious” and I did so because they are perfect to visualize, since a child does not question anything for them is like  a game casino room askgamblers, they are able to create an imaginary castle on a table and they also see it … …

If a child diagnosed with cancer is told to visualize that he is already cured, and that some angels are helping him get rid of the disease, do not doubt that he will do it perfectly, without problems, without doubts and without judgment. For adults this is a bit more complicated, because we generally do not believe too much in our abilities, but it is a matter of educating the brain to be able to see what is not there, and start using the great power that we have inside of us and that they have never taught us that we have it.

The visualization must always be done in a state of relaxation, with the completely clear idea of what we want to achieve and always seeing the final result that we want, if we do so, it will work and it can help us a lot in our healing process .

Of course there is a small learning process and very concrete steps to make it perfect, but I can assure you that it is not complicated at all.

If you want more information contact me and I will inform you about it.


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